Companion Mausoleums at Blacksburg cemetery, Memorial Gardens of the New River Valley.

Our reasonably priced Companion Mausoleums are excellent options for those couples or families who prefer above-ground burial.

Memories Etched in Time

Memorial Gardens of the New River Valley is a family owned and operated cemetery located in Blacksburg. Because Memorial Gardens is a new cemetery, we can offer family sections for ground burial, family mausoleums, and family cremation options. Our serene setting on North Main Street in Blacksburg provides a wonderful place to memorialize your loved ones.

Why Make Pre-Need Arrangements Now?

The death of a loved one is a tragedy that every family will eventually experience. By pre-arranging your cemetery needs, you give your loved ones the most compassionate gift possible. No difficult decisions will be required during the stressful hours after the loss of a loved one.

The Living Memorial Tree Estates at the Blacksburg, Virginia cemetery Memorial Gardens.

Memorialize the entire family for generations with the family name on a bronze memorial plaque in our stately Living Memorial Tree Estates burial area.

Plan Together

A family can share their choices and make decisions together.


When you plan pre-need, you receive the benefit of pre-need savings. There is no clouded thinking nor emotional over-spending. When you pre-arrange, you acquire your property at today's prices and insulate yourself from future price increases.


Cemetery and memorialization costs are expenses that everyone will eventually pay. At the time of need, payment is traditionally made on a cash basis. If you choose to purchase pre-need, Memorial Gardens has various payment options available, some with no interest and some with a small down payment.

Granite-faced Columbarium at Blacksburg cemetery, Memorial Gardens of the New River Valley.

Our Granite-faced Columbarium provides a beautiful, permanent memorial for loved ones' urns.

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